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Hope & Go is a platform which allows you to get published on major Publications, Blogs & more. Our portfolio holds thousands of Blogs and Publications in various topics. Getting published has never been this easy before: We do all of the work for you! We nurture the relationships with our partners, create and design the articles and publish them faster than our competitors.
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Time.com is the online version of Time Magazine which publishes US and international news and politics plus health, travel, and lifestyle articles.

DR: 32TR: 25
RD: 170TF: 29
Price: $800

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Metrics Explained:

DR = Domain Rating

The Domain Rating (DR) measures the overall “authority” a website has. It is measured on a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100. The DR is measured by Ahrefs.

TR = Traffic

The Traffic Metric measures the number of organic search visits a website gets per month. This metric is provided by Ahrefs as well.

RDs = Referring Domains

Referring Domains are the total number of backlinks that are coming from unique domains. The number of RDs typically indicate the power of a link.

TF = Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a score between 0-100 illustrating how trustworthy a page is. This Metric is measured by Majestic.
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