Hope & Go FAQ

How Does this Service Work?

Hope & Go is a platform that allows you to get featured on blogs, publications and more. Via our dashboard you can filter out various topics, metrics and prices that you are interested in and add them to your shopping cart.

After we received your order, we will start with the content creation. We guarantee to finish any article within 48h after we receive an order.

As soon as an article is ready (and approved from you if requested) we will send out the article for publishment.

We will deliver you a final report with all live links as soon as all websites have been published.

Why do we encrypt Domain Names and how can you get access to the names?

We encrypt our domains in order to keep our database protected:

  1. We protect the domain names against Google Employees.
  2. We protect the domain names from people looking to steal our portfolio.

We understand that many agencies require to see domain names before placing an order. That’s why we offer private access to our domain names for recurring clients and bulk orders. Please E-Mail [email protected] to request your custom password.

What is the “Custom Password”?

If you are an agency or planning to do a bulk order we hand out custom passwords that will reveal all domain names inside the dashboard.

How does our Escrow Payment System work?

When placing an order, your funds will be put into an escrow via Paypal’s Adaptive Payment System. We do this to ensure the best possible experience for both our customers and ourselves.

Payments will only be released if we are able to deliver an order. In case of a refund (e.g. canceled or failed orders) payments will be sent back straight from the escrow to the customer.

Why do we sometimes reject orders? What are our publishment rules?

Sometimes we need to manually cancel orders. Reasons for manual cancels can be:

In case we need to manually cancel an order, we will make sure to send you viable alternatives. We want to make the buying process as comfortable as possible for our clients. If no suited alternatives can be found, we gladly refund money that is currently in an escrow.

Are our Blogs dofollow? Are publishments marked as sponsored? Are our links “safe”?

All of our blogs and publications are Dofollow and NOT marked as sponsored (if not otherwise mentioned in the item description).

What Is the average Turn Around Time?

The average turn around time for regular blogs is 7 days. The average turn around time for editorials is 2-12 weeks. We are super keen to offer the fastest publishment service possible. However sometimes we experience delays in delivery when we encounter problems with our blogs and publications. If your expected turn around time exceeds the average, we will make sure to update you via e-mail.

What is our refund policy?

The execution of the services are started by Hope & Go immediately after ordering the services according to point 2 of the service relationship and is therefore not revocable. If any publishment gets deleted within 6 months after the time of delivery, we refund 100% of the buying price.

Do you offer discounts for agencies or bulk orders?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts of up to 20% for agencies and bulk orders. Just contact [email protected] to get in touch with us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments via:

How do I get in contact with Hope & Go?

You can message us for any business inquiry via E-Mail: [email protected]